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PC-Time Manager 1.2.2

PC-Time Manager 1.2.2: Parental Control Software for Windows. Creates schedule for computer use. computer time. If your children are spending a lot of time chatting on the internet (MSN, AOL, ICQ), or most of their time playing games, you have to set a computer time limit in order to keep them safe from computers affecting their school work and social life. PC-Time Manager plays the role of a guardian on the computer, making sure that the computer is ON only during the scheduled computer time you allow. This timed computer sessions strategy

Child Computer Time Out It lets you specify when exactly and how long the computer can be used
Child Computer Time Out

computer or online. Child Computer Time Out lets you specify when exactly and how long the computer can be used and define users which will be allowed to use the computer without any limits. You can schedule time intervals and the number of hours each child can use the computer per day a week. It automatically logs your child out of their computer when it`s time for lights out. Also you can prevent the PC usage until the specified date, after the

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Fix Computer Problems - Puzzle 1.0: Fix Computer Problems best tips and advice
Fix Computer Problems - Puzzle 1.0

computer`s RAM. Check the resource box for more info on the subject. 3. The computer spontaneously reboots or turn itself off. This computer problem can be usually attributed to a hardware issue. Usually its the power supply is dying or in most cases a dirty or defective cooling fan. The computer trying to cool itself by automatically switching off. So, if you feel a bit of extra heat coming out the computer. Clean the fan and make sure it running

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Evonsoft Computer Repair 1.0: Clean and repair computer system with 1 click.
Evonsoft Computer Repair 1.0

Evonsoft Computer Repair is a free PC system repair software that allows you to safely clean and repair computer system problems with just a simple mouse click. After scanning and fixing the invalid entries, computer system will be more stable and run faster. Evonsoft Computer Repair is 100% safe and clean.

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iPod to Computer 4.21: iPod to Computer Transfer - transfer music and videos from iPod to Computer.
iPod to Computer 4.21

iPod to Computer Transfer is a perfect transfer tool among iPod, iPhone and personal computer for iPod users. This iPod transfer software helps you transfer music and video, iPod podcast and TV program from iPod to computer, fast and easy! Moreover, it supports file transfer from iPod to iTunes, iPhone to iTunes. All formats compatible with iPod are supported. Free download the transfer music from iPod to computer now!

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Computer Optimizer 1.24: Computer optimizer automatically optimizes computer while it’s idle.
Computer Optimizer 1.24

Computer Optimizer is an easy-to-use tweaker that can boost your computer performance by defragmentation, clean it from junk and do antivirus check. Background Optimizer automatically optimizes computer while it`s idle.It will start to clean disks, install updates, defragment - everything that usually requires specialist to complete and uses additional time and requires unoccupied computer.

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PC Locker Pro 1.3: PC Locker Pro is a Freeware that lock and protect your computer when you leave.
PC Locker Pro 1.3

computer just by clicking one button in the system tray or using custom hotkey.Then PC Locker Pro will display a lock screen and protected your computer. The windows hotkey and mouse will be disabled. You only need to enter the password to unlock the computer. PC Locker Pro will lock the computer after incorrect shutdown. Features: 1.Lock and protect your computer when you leave. 2.Display a lock screen. ( custom color or custom image ) 3.Lock computer

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